Erni Upton – Scottish Island Landscape Paintings

Erni Upton, Landscapes of the Scottish Isles, Oil on Canvas.

Erni has been painting since he was a wee bairn and his love of the Islands and shorelines of the West Coast of Scotland was born then, playing as a boy on the fishing boats.

A true Scottish colourist, pallette steeped in the Glorious Light of the Western Isles where every single colour changes every moment.

The translucent emerald sea at once opaque and glittering and caught in cloud shadows glows deep then the long sun breaking in a thousand golden reflections bathing everything in a ruby light or silver air luminescent with mist and sea spray, everything long, vast and distant and utterly ancient mountains and shifting sand.

Sure with a pallette knife, colour blending across the stroke, Uptons utterly rich impasto oil technique combines all the light touch and immediacy of an outdoor impressionist with the bold execution of long familiarity and continual wonder at this place.